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Melbourne's Kutsom Kommune looking for help to find new home

The idea of the Kustom Kommune first started in 2012, and following a successful crowdfunded launch in 2013 we set up our home in Easey St Collingwood. Over the past three years, the Kustom Kommune has lead the DIY revolution and has given over 600 members a place to wrench, ride and repeat, plus countless others a place to hang, meet new people and get inspired. We’ve helped happy couples tie the knot, we’ve thrown hugely generous brands parties of epic proportions and helped people celebrate life’s big mile stones, but mainly we help people come together through common interests. The Kustom Kommune has cemented itself as a world class community of builders, restorers, and most of all, best mates. However, the future of the Kommune is now under threat: our home in Collingwood is no longer available and we have no choice but to pack it up, either for good or to move to another venue, by the 31st ofAugust.

The aim of this campaign is to set our Kommunity up in a new space which will allow us to not only continue the fantastic work that people are doing with building bikes, friendships and networks, but also to expand the Kommune in order to support our members more, through the development of a new hospitality and event space, improved workshop facilities and more quality offerings attached to become a member. We want to keep providing you with the awesome opportunities to build your skills, socialise with likeminded souls, and just enjoy being a part of the first DIY motorcycle workshop community in Australia.

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